Park Stewards 2014

Thank you to all the hard working young people and to our partners for making the Park Stewards program a success again for 2014!



Neighborhood jobs for neighborhood youth. Teaching the habits of paid work. Building a legacy of caring for public space.

The Worcester Park Stewards program hires youth from low income communities for the summer to help maintain and improve Worcester’s public parks. The program is a great way to learn about our parks and neighborhoods, good work ethic and civic engagement. We are currently working with Newton Hill, Crompton Park, Castle Park, Crystal Park, Green Hill and Coes Pond.

General Information
Sites and Partnerships

Coes Pond

Columbus Park Neighborhood Association
WHA Lakeside
Coes Pond Watershed Association

Green Hill Park

Green Hill Park Coalition
Green Hill Barnyard Zoo
Marie Anne Ctr
Worcester Parks Department

Castle Park & Crystal Park

Christian Community Church
St Mary’s Nursing Home
Shephard King Neighborhood Association
Dismas House

Crompton Park

Pernet Family Health
Carpenters Local 107
Canal District Alliance

Newton Hill

Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center
Friends of Newton Hill


Commonwealth of MA – YouthWorks funds
City of Worcester – CDBG funds
Businesses – Walmart


The Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center
Worcester Community Action Council
City of Worcester Parks Department


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